Fire Season 2022 Ends

The 2022 fire season officially ends Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 as a result of recent wetting rains and an overall cooling trend that has returned to the area. With the end of fire season, both public and industrial fire restrictions that were implemented through DFPA will no longer be in effect.

A list of fire restrictions and closures in place through private industrial landowners can be found online at

Despite fire season coming to an end, fire officials advise residents to exercise caution when burning yard debris or when using fire in the woods. Several days of sunshine and dry weather during the fall months can create a fire risk even if a week or more of cool, wet conditions precede them.

When burning yard debris, make sure to have an adequate fire trail around the pile before ignition begins and have fire tools and water supply at the burn site. Debris piles should never be left unattended and should be fully extinguished before leaving the area. If a debris burn escapes containment, the responsible party may be held financially responsible for the resulting fire suppression costs and associated damages. Please remember that yard debris means organic yard waste such as leaves and branches. Burning of trash, cardboard, and construction materials is never permitted.