Burn Information

Residential Burning Information


ORDINANCE NO. 20-688   An Ordinance of the City of Winston, Oregon, City Council, title IX of the City of Winston municipal code section 90.036(B)(1) states burning in the months of April and May and the months of October and November, to allow for the burning of residential yard waste.

Winston – General Regulations 90.036 (B) Outdoor burning restricted. No person shall start or maintain any outdoor fire (except for outdoor cooking) for the purpose of burning any combustible material, except as allowed by this section. Nor shall any person responsible cause or knowingly allow any such fire to be started or maintained, including but not limited to barrel burning, burning of household waste, burning of garbage, plastic, Styrofoam or other noxious materials.  www.winstoncity.org


Burning is allowed during daylight hours and the ventilation index is above 400.

No burning is allowed during a declared fire season or when a total burn closure is in effect.


Yard trimmings, leaves and brush only.

Debris piles should never be left burning unattended and should be fully extinguished before leaving the area. If a debris burn escapes containment, the responsible party may be held financially responsible for the resulting fire suppression costs and associated damages.


Open burning must be at least 25 ft from buildings / structures and or other combustible materials. Do not leave it unattended and have a garden hose connected to a water supply or other fire-extinguishing equipment (5-gallon buckets of water, shovels, fire extinguishers with minimum 4-A rating) shall be readily available for use at all burning sites.


Violation of the burning requirements may result in the issuance of citation or civil penalty and/or suppression costs.

If you have any questions regarding the City Ordinance, please contact The City of Winston at 541-679-6739 and asked for Dana Parker, City Ordinance Officer.

If you live outside of the Winston City Limits, please follow Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) Public Use Restrictions. Permits to burn logging slash can be obtained by calling DFPA at 541-672-6507. www.dfpa.net