Fire Chief

Rob Bullock

Chief Bullock joined Douglas County Fire District No.2 as a volunteer firefighter in 1986 and served in that capacity until he was hired by the district as a career firefighter/EMT in 1989. During his time with the District Chief Bullock has worked up through the ranks of firefighter, engineer, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief and his current position as Chief. While employed with the District Chief Bullock has continued his education receiving his paramedic certificate through Umpqua Community College, completing his Associates degree in fire science through Umpqua Community College, and has obtained his Bachelors degree in Public Service Administration through Grand Canyon University. Additionally he has completed several of the Fire Service Institute courses offered through Western and Eastern Oregon Universities.

Chief Bullock has been an active member of several committees and teams while employed with District. These teams and committees include; the protocol and EMS committee, fire equipment purchasing, Regional HAZMAT Response Team, and the District rescue team among others. Chief Bullock is also a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program through the National Fire Academy.


Jeff Surmon

Captain Jeff Surmon started his career in the fire service as a volunteer with the Douglas County Fire District #2 in the fall of 1998. In 1999 he received a scholarship from the Winston Dillard Fire District and assumed a cadet position there. He volunteered with them while attending classes at Umpqua Community College. In 2001 he earned his AAS and Paramedic Certification. Captain Surmon’s professional career began in 2002 with the Lebanon Fire District. In 2003 he took a Firefighter position at Winston. He was promoted to the Engineer’s position in 2007 and was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2014. Captain Surmon is also a certified NFPA Fire Investigator.

Willie Caldwell

Captain Willie Caldwell started in the fire service in 1991 as an explorer with the City of Sutherlin Fire Department. In 1993, he became a Resident Volunteer Firefighter and began attending UCC. After attending college he worked as a wild-land firefighter during the summer months for DFPA and worked as an ER Technician at Mercy Hospital Emergency Department. In January of 1999 he accepted a Firefighter/Paramedic position with the City of Oakridge Fire Department. In August 1999, he accepted a firefighter/paramedic position with the Winston Dillard Fire District. In 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Engineer/Paramedic. He was promoted to Captain/Paramedic in February of 2015. Captain Caldwell has successfully written many grants to benefit the Winston Dillard Fire District.

Matthew Torres

Captain Matthew Torres started his career in the fire service as a volunteer with the Myrtle Creek Fire Department in 2006.  In 2009, he enrolled at Umpqua Community College in pursuit of both a Fire Science degree and a degree in Paramedicine.  While attending college he fought wildland fires during fire season.  In 2010 he accepted a Cadet position with the Winston-Dillard Fire District.  Captain Torres began his professional fire service career in 2012 with the Winston-Dillard Fire District.  In May of 2016, he was promoted to the rank of Engineer, and in March of 2019 he was promoted to the rank of Captain.  Captain Torres also travels around the state of Oregon teaching various topics to other firefighters dedicated to their craft.

Support Staff

Margie Giusto – Administrative Assistant

Margie Giusto was hired 1/3/2005 for the Administrative Assistant position at Winston Dillard Fire District. Margie takes care of all the ambulance claims, FireMed Memberships and handles all the front office task and basically whatever is needed. Margie has lived in Winston most of her life. 38 years to be exact, Margie has two amazing children a daughter Jamie Perron and a son Robert Perron.


The Winston-Dillard Fire District (WDFD) is a “Combination” Fire District utilizing career and volunteer staff to provide services to an area of roughly 30 square miles. WDFD utilizes cross trained firefighter/paramedics who operate a transporting ambulance service which covers an ambulance service area (ASA) of 310 square miles. The ASA takes in the communities of Lookingglass, Tenmile and Camas Valley. WDFD responds to over 2300 alarms annually from one centrally located fire station in the City of Winston.

As of January 2014, the WDFD has been contracting administrative services with Douglas County Fire District #2, a neighboring fire district. The current duty shifts are comprised of a shift Captain (Company Officer), an Engineer, and one Firefighter, all of whom are also Oregon State certified Paramedics. WDFD’s mission is to serve and protect our community through mitigation of both emergent and non-emergent events.

To facilitate completion of our mission, the Winston-Dillard Fire District provides its members with emergency medical training and fire service training that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by the Oregon Health Division and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommendations.

Core Values:










Each shift is staffed by three paid personnel, who work a “48/96” schedule.


1 Front line engine

1 Pumper/tender

2 Type 6 wildland engines

2 ALS ambulances

1 Reserve Engine